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Women's cotton hat, bucket style, in a jacquard pattern of zebra.

Trilby hat "YVONNE"

SKU: Z27CN-TR-bg/bl
  • ✦Composition: 70% cotton, 30% polyester

    Stylish women's hat. The hat has an optimal height and a short lowered brim. The model is concise, moderately expressive, perfectly combined with a variety of images, whether it's business style, urban casual, or a beach promenade. The model is made of cotton and has a sparse loop structure, it is thin and very light, which ensures comfortable wearing in the summer. Our women's hat will make you a great company on a hot day and will help complement your image with a stylish headdress.

    We produce our products using a unique technology that allows you to fix the shape in knitwear, while maintaining the delicate texture of the material, lightness and comfort of the product. The process of making hats is manual, we pay great attention to every detail, and the result is the impeccable quality of our products. 

    The headdress does not have a rigid size fixation. Inside each product, we sew our branded elastic band, it provides a comfortable fit on the head. For the greatest comfort when wearing our hats, we suggest you choose the most suitable size for you:
    Size XS - head circumference 52-53 cm.
    Size S - head circumference 54-55cm.
    Size M - head circumference 56-57 cm.
    Size L - head circumference 58-59cm.
    Size XL - head circumference 60-61 cm.

    We carefully pack the products in special boxes, this ensures the safety of the product during transportation.

    We understand how important it is to receive the goods on time, so we spend the minimum amount of time on the production and dispatch of your order. Next, the postal service is engaged in delivery, the delivery time depends on your region. I ask you to take into account that due to the pandemic, very rarely, but still there are delays in delivery, please treat this with understanding.

    ✦Instructions for the care of a headdress:
    - Hand wash at a water temperature of no more than 30 degrees. It is allowed to use soap and household cleaning products.
    - The headdress should be dried in a straightened form, on a horizontal surface.
    - It is not allowed to iron and steam.


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